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Illya Kuryakin

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Name:Illya Kuryakin
Birthdate:Jul 25
Location:Oregon, United States of America

[The character here is a combination of the character in the 2015 movie and the original from the TV series.]

Name: Illya Nicovitch Kuryakin
Age/DOB: 32, July 25, 1931
Birthplace: Moscow, USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)
Parents: Nicolai and Anyanka Kuryakin

History: His father was a contemporary of Stalin and was a high ranking member of the party. In 1942, he was discovered to have embezzled funds from the Party. For this he was sentenced to a Gulag in Siberia. His mother raised Illya and the family had to overcome the disgrace of their patriarch. His mother did anything that she could to provide for her son, including supposedly entertaining some of Nicolai's old friends. In her early years, she was a fashion model and an accomplished artist and fashion designer.

Illya is a polymath. He was seen as gifted at an early age and despite his father's bringing shame upon the family, he excelled in several subjects, including gymnastics, music, linguistics and math. He is fluent in English, German, Italian, Japanese, and is currently teaching himself Spanish. He holds a Master's degree from the Sorbonne and a PhD in Quantum Mechanics from the University of Cambridge. He admits that he has not kept up with the subject and that it was a passing interest. He did not want to pursue a career in Physics. An accomplished musician, Illya plays guitar, cello, piano and sings. He has an undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia in Tbilisi, where he practiced gymnastics and was active in track and field.

In 1948 he qualified to participate in the London Summer Olympics in track and field and gymnastics. Unfortunately, the Soviet Union chose not to participate in the Olympics that year even though they were invited and several young people had prepared to participate. Illya was disappointed, but moved on to other interests. Particularly, in military and law enforcement.

In 1949, at the age of 18, he joined the USSR's Special Forces (Spetsnaz). He excelled there in Judo, Karate, Sambo, Marksmanship, surveillance and demolitions. He holds a black belt in Judo 4th Dan (Yondan). His talents were brought to the attention of the KGB, he was recruited at the age of 20. The youngest man ever to be recruited by the agency and became one of the top field agents within three years. In 1953, he won the Russian Sambo Championship. In the KGB, he became interested in computers and became accomplished in programming in FACT/COBOL.

Other interests include Chess. He is an IM with an ELO rating of 2407 [a score which he is always trying to improve]. In 1958 Kuryakin won a silver medal in powerboat racing.

Modern AU version: Primarily in the Tragic Love Story verse.
Age/DOB: 32 July 25, 1983

His parents grew up in the USSR before the dissolution. His father died while he was still a child and he was raised by his single mother. He was 7 years old when the government of the USSR collapsed. Illya grew up in the resulting chaos. When he turned 18 he joined the army figuring it was something to do, regular pay, regular meals, etc...

He was recruited from there into Spetsnaz (the GRU's special forces) at the age of 19 and was one of the youngest people ever recruited. During his years there, he has studied and become an expert in Judo, Karate, Sambo, marksmanship, surveillance, anti-terrorism tactics and demolitions. He holds a black belt in Judo 4th Dan (Yondan). His talents were brought to the attention of the FSB, he was recruited at the age of 22 and he became one of the top field agents within three years.

Then something appeared to have gone terribly wrong.

He was dishonorably discharged from the Spetsnaz and imprisoned in Siberia for insubordination and the murder of a superior officer. In prison he became involved with the Vor v Zarkone (the Russian mafia.)

Illya got into several fights while in prison and killed other inmates on three different occasions. He has a scar on his neck where another inmate attempted to slit his throat and a > shaped scar at the outer edge of his right eye, also earned in a prison fight. As tradition he got several prison tattoos. They don't go below his knees or elbows or above his neck line. Which gives him the freedom to interact with 'polite' society'. He has the Spetsnaz bat on his R hip and GRU emblem on his left - these two are of higher quality and older and may predate his involvement in the Vor. On his R thigh, there is a tattoo of a sniper rifle, in a band on his R arm are 13 crosses - indicating his 13 kills during his Spetsnaz career, on the left bicep are four coffins one of which has the GRU symbol on it (for the officer he killed) the other three are black for the prison inmates he is known to have killed. He has other tattoos including a crucifix on his chest, a grim reaper carrying a sniper rifle instead of a scythe, the words "Вы не можете обогнать пулю" which reads "You cannot outrun a bullet" beneath it. On his back are etched the words "Если вы слышите выстрел моя пуля была предназначена не для вас" which reads "If you hear gunshot my bullet was not meant for you" he also has markings that indicate he was in a military prison in Siberia and that he attempted escape on several occasions. The last one being successful.

After he escaped prison he was hired by Ivan Ivanovich, a mafia boss, to be his bodyguard, perform acts of general thuggery, and the occasional assassination (this is actually his main occupation. He works as a bodyguard or appears to work as a bodyguard because of his intimidating size, at 6'5" and with his training and qualifications, seriously who wouldn't be intimidated?) When Ivan returned to New York, where he owns several holdings including a restaurant that serves traditional Russian cuisine, he took Illya with him. Occasionally, people remark upon how handsome he is and how he can't have had the career his tattoos proclaim and still be so 'pretty.' Anyone who makes the mistake of saying that to his face however, will learn how he earned them the hard way.

Secretly, he is bisexual leaning more toward men in his preferences. He dates women and will frequently be seen going home with them as a cover. Generally, aside from the intimidating size and background, he can be genuinely friendly unless given a reason not to be. Though his boss recently found out about his proclivities and is using a certain male prostitute to blackmail him. Ivan is not naive, rather than trust in Illya entirely, he feels much more secure knowing that he has owns him.

This is a roleplaying account for Illya Kuryakin from the Man from UNCLE (2015 Movie). The character is played post movie and is a blend of the original character from the series and the one from the 2015 movie.

The AU version of the character is a member of the Russian Mafia working as a bodyguard for a certain high ranking mob boss. In reality, he is still employed by the FSB as an undercover operative.

Disclaimer: Please forgive if I offend anyone by Illya's portrayal. I do realize that not all Russians are involved in the mafia! Do not take me as an expert in the culture. I only know what I've seen on movies and TV. Illya is an entirely fictional character and is not based on any real person living or dead.

Not Armie Hammer nor Illya Kuryakin, but both mun and muse are well over 18.
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